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Parque das Neblinas Through The Eyes of 2nd Graders

Driven by the question, “What do you know about the biome you belong to?" 2nd grade students at Avenues São Paulo were challenged to create a visitor's guide for one of Brazil’s national parks. The students learned about their biome–a biome is an area classified by the species that live in that location– by experiencing it firsthand and designing a child-friendly guide that would be displayed in the national park for visitors. During this process, the students discovered that their biome was in danger. They decided to learn more about the forest in order to preserve it.

To gain a deeper understanding of the biome, the students visited Parque das Neblinas from Associação Ecofuturo. While there, they explored beautiful trails filled with native species of flora and fauna, swam in the Itatinga river, and tasted traditional foods made with ingredients from the Mata Atlantica, such as Cambuci's juice, Juçara's mousse, and Taioba's pastel.

The park staff were happy to welcome the students and asked for their help in creating a guide for children, written by children. After exploring the park, the students worked collaboratively to draft the guide, focusing on informative texts and appropriate layout and design. To ensure that the guide was of high quality, feedback was requested from experts in design, marketing, and the arts.

After being given kind, specific and helpful feedback, the students created their final version of the guide, which was presented in two languages, English and Portuguese. A professional designer was also enlisted to help bring the students' ideas together into a final, unique version. The guide was launched in a beautiful ceremony with the participation of families and the coordinator of Parque das Neblinas at the "Pracinha" located near the Avenues São Paulo campus.

Through this project, the students were able to gain a deeper appreciation for their biome and the impact of human actions on the environment. They were inspired to become agents of change and become better stewards of the natural world.

If you visit Brazil’s Parque das Neblinas, make sure to use one of the guides from 2nd grade students, designed to make your experience even more meaningful!