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Avenues New York Students Win Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Twenty-four Avenues New York students from across our Upper Division recently won prizes at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, the nation’s longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens. The awards consist of 28 categories, including personal essays, poetry, art, photography and fashion. The work is judged based on originality, technical skill and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.

Developing individual passions and identity is at the heart of Avenues pedagogy. From our arts programming to High-Intensity Practice (HIP) writing, we strive to graduate students who are “confident because they excel in a particular passion; artists no matter their field”. Our upper grades arts program includes music, visual arts, design and engineering, and offers a wide range of electives including film, photography, and vocal music. Divergent thinking, perseverance and problem solving are woven into the curriculum to support students as they stretch themselves, expanding their understanding of who they are and what is possible. Learn more about our upper grades programs here.

Congratulations to the following recipients, who wowed the judges with their creativity, talent and skill:


Sienna Ashworth - Honorable Mention: Short Story

Sophin Bogliolo - Silver Key: Personal Essay and Memoir.pdf?1677079811737)

Mya Cahana - Honorable Mention: Poetry

Renee Cai - Silver and Gold Key: Personal Essay and Memoir

Alex Farman-Farmaian - Honorable Mention: Journalism

Alexa Gonzalez - Gold Key: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Kyla Guimaraes - Silver and Gold Key: Poetry

Maya Inaltong - Gold Key and Honorable Mention: Short Story - Honorable Mention: Journalism

Alexis Kim - Honorable Mention: Personal Essay and Memoir - Gold Key: Short Story

Ryan Lee - Honorable Mention: Flash Fiction

Calypso Maazel - Silver Key: Poetry

Julian O’Rourke - Honorable Mention: Short Story

Anahita Saxena - Honorable Mention: Journalism

Caia Scarola - Honorable Mention: Critical Essay

Ethan Seiz - Silver Key: Critical Essay

Jesminder Vega - Silver Key: Poetry


Julia Chicayban - Silver Key: Photography

Ariella Cohen - Honorable Mention: Fashion

Alexis Kim - Gold Key: Photography

Chantilly Lee - Gold Key: Drawing and Illustration, 2 Silver Keys: Painting, Silver Key: Architecture and Industrial Design, 2 Honorable Mentions: Painting, Drawing and Illustration

Sofia Liu - Honorable Mention: Drawing and Illustration

Jihee Moon - 2 Honorable Mentions: Painting; 2 Honorable Mentions, Silver Key: Drawing and Illustration

Penelope Snoep - Silver Key: Photography

William Yuan - Silver Key: Painting