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Great Works

Avenues’ signature interdisciplinary project-based learning experience, encompassing STEAM, humanities, and global studies

Great Works blends project-based pedagogy (inspired by programs at Stanford’s d.school and MIT) with a great books curriculum (in the spirit of core curricula at Columbia University and the University of Chicago) to provide transformative learning experiences in connection with the themes of discovery, innovation and foresight. In multi-week units of study, students read thoughtfully paired texts—integrating the subjects of English, history, global studies, science, art, design, engineering and mathematics—while completing hands-on projects related to their reading. The result is a rare combination of academic depth and interdisciplinary breadth: great works both read and created.

Problem-Based Math

Building perseverance, collaboration and lifelong problem-solving skills

Our problem-based mathematics program is taught in English with an emphasis on collaboration, communication and small-group discussion. Course content is challenging and includes applied mathematics problems connected to the interdisciplinary Great Works program.


Giving every student an opportunity to find and pursue his or her passion

We pledge to graduate students who are confident because they excel in a particular passion, and we provide students with the space, time, and resources to first identify and then pursue that passion in depth. In the Mastery Program, students dedicate a full day of their week to personalized learning experiences co-designed with their mentors and coaches. Mastery can take many forms and is customized for each student to ensure deep and purposeful learning.

The Deans Program

Personalized support and mentorship across the social and physical changes of adolescence

The deans at Avenues are full-time mentors whose sole responsibility is the social-emotional well- being and academic success of their students. Working closely with faculty and acting as a point of contact for parents, deans ensure that students are fully supported and appropriately challenged at school. In 6th grade, students are assigned a dean who will work with them through 9th grade.

World-Class College Counseling

Access to Avenues' global network of college counseling expertise

We are serious about guiding our students to colleges and universities where they will thrive. As a part of Avenues’ global network, students at Avenues Shenzhen will benefit from our proven college counseling expertise, which has guided more than 260 graduates of Avenues to some of the world’s most prestigious colleges, including Brown, Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, and Yale. The relationships that we have nurtured with colleges and universities around the world, and the resources that we have developed for our students will be fully available to our students in Shenzhen.

An Environment To Inspire

A dedicated facility purpose-built for a new kind of education

The upper grades program will be housed in its own dedicated space at Avenues’ second location in Shenzhen, located in Sunmax Technology Park. The facility was custom-designed to meet the needs of our unique program and enable our students and faculty to build the kind of close and supportive community you might find in a startup incubator. With a mixture of bright and spacious project studios, welcoming student commons, roundtable seminar rooms, and flexible study spaces, the environment is fully conducive to the collaboration, ideation, and creativity that are at the heart of the program.