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Beyond the classroom

Expanding horizons and inspiring creativity beyond the classroom and the school day

After School

Extending the school day with play, study and exploration

At Avenues Shenzhen, discovery and learning don’t stop at the end of the school day. We offer enrolled students a host of after school activities, including PlayLab and a selection specialty classes.

More information on Avenues Shenzhen’s after school programs will be available soon. In the meantime, we invite you to register your interest by attending an Avenues Shenzhen introductory parent event or by getting in touch with our admissions team at


Exhilarating and enriching summer experiences for students

Avenues Shenzhen offers a range of exciting Summer@Avenues programs for students at the end of the 2019-20 school year.

More information on Avenues Shenzhen’s summer programs will be available soon. In the meantime, we invite you to register your interest by getting in touch with our admissions team at

International Programs

Life-changing experiences on multiple continents

Immersion in another culture, language and society is the most direct way to cultivate global citizens who are at ease beyond their borders. Avenues’ international programs are designed to push students beyond their comfort zones, empowering them to develop the skills and perspectives necessary to understand and solve global-scale problems. By making authentic and personal connections to other cultures, students expand not only their worldviews, but also their own definitions of themselves.

Avenues Mastery Academy (upper grades)

Avenues Shenzhen is proud to host the Avenues Mastery Academy in innovation and making at the Avenues Shenzhen Learning Innovation Center in Nanshan District. First piloted in in 2017 and run again in Shenzhen in 2019, Avenues Mastery Academy is a unique residential program offering high school students the chance to spend several weeks working on a project connected with the conditions and resources of a particular city.

  • An exciting new model for education developed by Avenues’ research and development department.
  • Avenues is currently developing future Mastery Academies, each drawing on the conditions of a particular global city to provide students with an opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary projects with guidance from expert practitioners.
Avenues Mastery Academyarrow

Global Journeys (middle grades and above)

  • 2-3 week experiential education programs to destinations in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, structured around a particular theme or research topic.
  • Past programs have included Buddhism in China, sustainability in Uruguay and art history in Italy.

Campus Exchanges (middle grades and above)

  • Exchanges with Avenues’ campuses in New York, USA and São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Opportunities to study on other Avenues campuses and live like a local in a vibrant world city.
  • Programs often include homestay experiences with Avenues families.

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