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Campus Flex Program

World-Class Online Learning–From Anywhere

Campus Flex students take their core academics through Avenues Online, which provides an interdisciplinary, project-based curriculum across the humanities, social sciences and STEAM fields. Since its pilot in 2016, Avenues Online has served more than 700 students in more than 30 countries, and students from its first graduating class are on their way to a range of outstanding colleges and universities including Brown, Cornell and U Chicago. Campus Flex students may take their online coursework from anywhere, including their dedicated workspace on our Silicon Valley campus.

A Dedicated Community Workspace

Campus Flex students have exclusive access to the Global Learning Lab, a unique space on our Silicon Valley campus custom-designed for hybrid learning. The Global Learning Lab provides a quiet and comfortable space from which students can take their online classes, access to coaches who can support them with their online coursework, and opportunities to collaborate with Campus Flex classmates.

Enriching In-Person Experiences

Students enrolled in Campus Flex may participate in  after-school clubs and field trips at our Silicon Valley Campus. In addition, on the days that they choose to spend on campus, Flex students are encouraged to get to know their peers from across the Avenues Silicon Valley community during lunch and recess.

Individualized Mentorship and College Counseling 

Delivered through Avenues Online, the Deans Program assigns each student with a dean whose sole purpose is to support their social-emotional wellbeing and academic success. Students meet weekly in small groups with their dean, developing close relationships with their mentor as well as their peers. From 10th grade on, students are assigned a dean with expertise in college counseling who will support them through the college admissions process.