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Virtual Parent Information Event

February 22, 2024

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

São Paulo

In-Person Parent Information Event

March 12, 2024

8:45 AM - 11:00 AM

São Paulo


Two Diplomas

Opening the door to the best universities in Brazil and overseas

Avenues São Paulo has a dual-diploma program. All students graduate with an American diploma accredited by one of the leading accrediting agencies in the United States. In addition, Brazilian nationals complete the required Brazilian national curriculum and graduate with both the American and the Brazilian diplomas. International students with sufficient Portuguese fluency may also complete the Brazilian national curriculum and graduate with both diplomas.


Giving every student an opportunity to find and pursue his or her passion

We pledge to graduate students who are confident because they excel in a particular passion, and we provide students with the space, time and resources to first identify and then pursue that passion in depth. The Mastery Program puts upper grades students in charge of their own learning in an area of their choosing, supported by a mentor (either a faculty member or an expert in the field), and culminates in a long-term project that undergoes multiple iterations.

Integrated Science

Asking big, bold questions—and using interdisciplinary connections to answer them

Applying the best principles of the physics, chemistry, biology sequence, our integrated science program focuses on connections to important modern issues like the environment, communication, adaptation and energy resources, as well as engineering design. Students are trained to think and behave like scientists and engineers as they probe some of the most pressing questions facing mankind.

Fifth Term

Deep dives into real-world issues with space for self-directed study

Fifth Term is held during the last five weeks of the school year and provides further opportunity for upper grades students to focus on a single topic of their choosing. Students get to choose from a set of interdisciplinary electives, with significant freedom to direct their own study and execute their own projects.

Discussion- and Problem-Based Math

Building perseverance, collaboration, and lifelong problem-solving skills

Our discussion- and problem-based approach to mathematics emphasizes collaboration and communication, encouraging students to take active ownership of their learning. Over time, students come to appreciate both the practical application of mathematical thinking and the beauty of mathematics as a source of reasoning.

College Counseling

Proven excellence in placing students in colleges and universities where they will thrive

Our rich academic program makes Avenues students uniquely compelling applicants for the most selective post-secondary pursuits. From 10th grade, deans provide individualized support in college counseling. Avenues São Paulo students may choose to pursue higher education abroad or in Brazil. Students focused on a Brazilian university path have access to a two-year ENEM preparatory course that is built into their academic schedule.

International Programs

Life-changing experiences and deep engagement with communities around the world

Avenues’ international programs are designed to push students beyond their comfort zones, allowing them to experience the world from new perspectives while investigating a particular topic—from climate change to social justice, biodiversity to oral history. Students have opportunities to join their peers from New York and Shenzhen on Global Journeys programs on multiple continents, or participate in exciting campus-to-campus exchanges.