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Small World Capstones

Capstones are Avenues’ end-of-the-year, culminating projects that highlight our students’ amazing progress over the last school year. Students work on their projects diligently and display them with pride. Small World capstones develop social skills (sharing, listening and negotiating), language (they use English, Spanish and Chinese to express their work and collaborate with their peers and teachers), fine motor skills and resiliency (patiently trying again when something goes awry).

In this Small World class, students employ the creative power of magnatiles to enhance their social, linguistic, cognitive, fine motor and resilience skills. By working together as a team, they delve into the process of brainstorming and building structures. Through this collaborative endeavor, students not only cultivate the ability to make collective decisions and navigate challenges but also foster a deep sense of pride in creating structures that embody their shared vision!

In another Small World class, students embark on an exploration of geography, demographics and cultural characteristics as they craft their own imaginative continents. Through this engaging project, children not only familiarize themselves with the seven continents but also learned to name them in English, Chinese and Spanish:

- North America/Norteamérica/北美洲 (Bei Mei Zhōu)
- South America/Sudamérica/南美洲 (Nán Mei Zhōu)
- Antarctica/Antartida/南极洲 (Nán Jí Zhōu)
- Africa/África/非洲 (Fēi Zhōu)
- Asia/Asia/亚洲 (Yà Zhōu)
- Europe/Europa/欧洲 (Ōu Zhōu)
- Australia/Australia/澳洲 (Ào Zhōu)

As the culminating step, students were empowered to shape their unique continent using vibrant blue playdough.