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Helpful Tips for the Admissions Interview Process


The Avenues New York admissions team always looks forward to speaking with prospective parents and students during an interview. Below, we offer a few tips that can help the interview process go more smoothly.

Do a bit of homework to get the most out of your interview/parent conversation. Prior to your appointment, spend some time on the school’s website, and come prepared to ask the admission officer specific questions based on your research. Not only does it show a level of commitment and interest in the school to which you are applying, but it will also give you clarity about the areas of the school that are important to you.

Communicate what is important to you in a school. Be clear about your goals or hopes for your child’s education. Fit is a two-way street, and it needs to be mutual from the perspectives of the school and the family. If you are clear about your educational priorities for your child, it creates an opportunity for an honest conversation with the admission officer to take place, in which each party can share their values, and both sides can begin to assess if the school is a good fit for the student.

Share helpful information. Admission officers first and foremost want to bring students to their schools that they feel they can serve best. Families can help in this effort by being honest and forthcoming about their child’s strengths, weaknesses and previous school experiences, including any additional support they receive or disciplinary issues. This information is helpful in determining if a child will be set up for success at a school. Own your child’s narrative, and don’t wait for the admission officers to find out the real scoop after you’ve left the office.

Have a practice run. In addition to mentally preparing yourself or your child for their interview, with some casual dinner time conversations the night prior (“What’s something you’re proud of?” or “Why are you interested in Avenues?”), you can also be strategic about the order in which you schedule your school visits. One approach is to save your number one choice until after you’ve interviewed at a few schools, and arrive at your top choice school comfortable with the interview process.

Follow up. Although it’s not required, following up is an easy way to stay top of mind in the admission office, and it deepens the connection between your family and the school.

As always, our admissions team is here to help you through this process. Please feel free to call 646.664.0800 or email with any questions.

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