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COVID-19’s Impact on Schools: What Lies Ahead?

The first Open.Ed event hosted from Silicon Valley features three incredible leaders across the Bay Area. Witness an engaging conversation on the impact of COVID-19 from their perspective and what the next steps are for schools, and what does the future look like now that we're coming out of the pandemic.


Jeff Lippman - Head of School at Avenues Silicon Valley
Rachel Skiffer - Head of School at Khan Lab School
Lee Fertig - Head of School at The Nueva School

“The pivot was really about being all hands on deck. As a community of learners and pairing every student to navigate their own path as part of that community includes our families and our parents .” - Rachel Skiffer

“The importance of social emotional learning and understanding what the last 20 months has done for our students, our families, and our faculty and staff… Sorry to be dramatic about this, but there will be some long term effects on resilience and agency… We need to deal with those as families as communities of schools.” - Lee Fertig

“When you have an engaging academic program that in itself is valuable as opposed to just being a preparation for the next step right… kids are engaged in these really immersive projects that have real impact, where they know their learning counts.” - Jeff Lippman