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Upper Grades


Parent Introductory Event (All Grades)

April 17, 2024

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

New York



Developing empathetic listeners, confident presenters and young people who see the world from multiple perspectives

Exchange refers to the discussion-based method of instruction used in humanities classes in the upper grades. Inspired by the Harkness method developed at Phillips Exeter Academy, Exchange uses a round table to move the focus of the class from the teacher to the other students and the texts under discussion.

The Arts

Discovering, exploring and expressing one’s own valuable vision of the world

The upper grades arts program includes music, visual arts, design and engineering, and a wide range of electives including film, photography, programming and vocal music. Divergent thinking, perseverance and problem solving are woven into the curriculum to support students as they stretch themselves, expanding their understanding of who they are and what is possible.

Integrated Science

Asking big, bold questions—and using interdisciplinary connections to answer them

Applying the best principles of the physics, chemistry, biology sequence, our integrated science program focuses on connections to important contemporary issues like environment, communication, adaptation and energy resources, as well as engineering design. Students are trained to think and behave like scientists and engineers as they probe some of the most pressing questions facing mankind.

Discussion- and Problem-Based Math

Building perseverance, collaboration and lifelong problem-solving skills

Our discussion- and problem-based approach to mathematics emphasizes collaboration and communication, encouraging students to take active ownership of their learning. Over time, students come to appreciate both the practical application of mathematical thinking and the beauty of mathematics as a source of reasoning.


Giving every student an opportunity to find and pursue his or her passion

We pledge to graduate students who are confident because they excel in a particular passion, and we provide students with the space, time and resources to first identify and then pursue that passion in depth. The Mastery Program puts upper grades students in charge of their own learning in an area of their choosing, supported by a mentor (either a faculty member or an expert in the field), and culminates in a long-term project that undergoes multiple iterations.

Athletics and Physical Education

Laying the foundation for lifelong physical and mental health

Wellness and Movement (WAM) is Avenues’ signature health and physical education program, spanning grades 1-11 and reflecting our mission statement commitment to graduate students who are “emotionally unafraid and physically fit.” In the upper grades, students take elective classes at leading neighborhood fitness boutiques and have opportunities to participate in interscholastic athletics. Teams include baseball, basketball, crew, golf, lacrosse, track and field, soccer, tennis and volleyball, with 17 at the Varsity level. Avenues students enjoy access to the facilities at nearby Chelsea Piers, as well as our 20,000-square-foot gymnasium and fitness center.

Community Engagement

Cultivating courageous, compassionate and enterprising global citizens

Our community engagement program emphasizes service learning that allows students to forge personal connections to individuals, organizations and causes beyond the campus walls. In the upper grades, students are challenged to design their own experiences, from interning with one of our community partners to beginning a career in entrepreneurship by pursuing the social innovation strand of the Mastery Program.

International Programs

Life-changing experiences and deep engagement with communities around the world

Avenues’ international programs are designed to push students beyond their comfort zones, allowing them to experience the world from new perspectives while investigating a particular topic—from climate change to social justice, biodiversity to oral history. By making authentic and personal connections to other cultures, students expand not only their worldviews, but also their own definitions of themselves.

College Counseling

Proven excellence in placing students in colleges and universities where they will thrive

Our distinctive academic program makes Avenues graduates uniquely compelling applicants for the most selective postsecondary pursuits. Deans provide individualized support and expertise, helping to identify the best fit for students based on their passions and aspirations. Students from our first six graduating classes are studying at an impressive array of colleges and universities including the University of Chicago, Harvard, New York University,  Stanford and Yale.