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Davin Sweeney

Dean of Students, New York


A Portland, OR native, Davin has worked for 17 years in the college admissions and counseling field. Before joining Avenues in the Fall of 2020, he worked for 12 years as an admissions counselor at the University of Rochester where he managed the recruiting strategy for Metro New York City and read thousands of college applications. He worked as the Director of College Counseling, NYC for the largest independent counseling company in the country, Collegewise, and as a leave replacement counselor at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, NY. He works each year with the NY State Association of College Admissions Counseling to mentor new admissions and college counselors, hosted a college admissions-themed podcast called "The Crush," and has been featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Good Morning America, and the 2021 NY Times bestseller, "The Price You Pay For College." He has BAs in Spanish and Film Studies from the University of Southern California and an MPA from NYU.