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David Palumbo

Senior Advisor

Across his forty-year career as a teacher, researcher, academic administrator, entrepreneur, consultant, corporate executive, and investor, Dr. David Palumbo has developed expertise in the diverse fields of cognitive science, psychology, technology and business management–all of which he harnesses in his work designing exceptional learning environments.

David joined Avenues as a senior advisor in 2015 with a particular emphasis on envisioning and accelerating the use of technology in pursuit of Avenues’ mission. He was an active part of the team that developed the unique operating model and groundbreaking Leonardo technology platform for Avenues Online. He continues to provide support for many of the innovative practices of the Avenues R&D team.

Prior to joining Avenues, David helped to design and deliver innovative, global-scale learning solutions for a wide variety of leading institutions and organizations, including Harvard University, MIT, the British Open University, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, The Walt Disney Company, Leapfrog and National Geographic.