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Learning Innovation

Redefining education, one discovery at a time

Avenues is committed to advancing education worldwide—not just within the walls of our campuses. As a New School of Thought, we seek to redefine schooling by developing, testing and implementing new practices that result in better outcomes for students.

R&D is in our DNA

Avenues’ in-house R&D department exists to develop advanced learning technologies, conduct educational research, and promote a culture of innovation--while furthering the cause of education around the world.

A global curriculum for a World School

Developed by our R&D department over several years, the Avenues World Elements table articulates the essential and enduring learning outcomes for graduates of Avenues The World School across all our campuses.

The virtual campus of Avenues The World School

Supporting students from toddler through 12th grade, Avenues Online uses a unique and proprietary learning platform to provide an Avenues education to students around the world.

Visionary Technology Integration

All Avenues campuses have dedicated technology integration teams staffed by expert educators trained in the use of technology in the classroom. Avenues has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School since 2012

An innovative learning program for toddlers

Research shows that the first three years of a child’s life significantly influence their later development. That’s why we developed Small World, a joyful and enriching first school experience for toddlers.

The report card reimagined

A transformative new tool for student assessment, Flight Path integrates a constellation of data to plot a student’s trajectory through Avenues.

pattern of dots that form the shape of a world map

Avenues is preparing students to become world-wise leaders uniquely equipped to understand and solve global-scale problems.