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Open.Ed | Imperfect Children, Imperfect Parents:

Raising Successful Humans In a Complex World

2023年4月25日 下午 5:30 - 下午 7:00

570 Meridian Avenue San Jose, CA 95126

Raising children is arguably one of the most complex and profound challenges that we face. From the innocence of infancy to the complicated chaos of teenage years, childrearing is fraught with questions and uncertainty. Parents are inundated with information in the quest for “getting it right.”

In conversation with Nancy Schulman and Esther Wojcicki, lifelong educators and parents, we will explore how to raise children to be successful, empathetic adults, as well as calming parental anxiety.

Open.Ed is Avenues The World School's global thought leadership series addressing key issues facing students, parents and educators today — with an eye toward their impact on the world of tomorrow.

In-person attendance is limited. Vaccination is required for all in-person guests eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. The health and safety of our community is our utmost priority, and the offering of in-person visits is subject to the health and safety conditions (including but not limited to vaccination status, mask requirements and social distancing recommendations), as well as state and country guidance, at any given point throughout the year.

Meet Our Speakers

Esther Wojcicki
Author, Journalist and Silicon Valley Educator

Esther Wojcicki is famous for three things: teaching a high school class that has changed the lives of thousands of kids, inspiring Silicon Valley legends like Steve Jobs and raising three daughters who have each become famously successful. What do these three accomplishments have in common? They are the result of TRICK, Esther’s secret to raising successful people: Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration and Kindness. Simple lessons, but the results are radical. Esther Wojcicki is a leading American educator and journalist. Mother of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Fulbright scholar Janet Wojcicki and 23&Me founder Anne Wojcicki, as well as a teacher and mentor to James Franco and Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Esther is widely heralded as the most successful parent and educator in the United States. Esther offers essential lessons for raising, educating, and managing people to their highest potential. She is the author of Moonshots in Education (2014) and best seller How to Raise Successful People (May, 2019).

Nancy Schulman
Senior Advisor, Avenues The World School

Nancy Schulman joined Avenues The World School in 2011 as part of the founding leadership team. She is currently a Senior Advisor and was the Head of the Early Learning Center at Avenues New York since its opening in 2012 until 2022. From 1990 -2011 she was the director of the 92nd Street Y Nursery School. Prior to that she was the admissions director and teacher at the Horace Mann Lower School from 1973 to 1990. Nancy is the co-author of “Practical Wisdom for Parents: Demystifying the Preschool Years,” Knopf July 2007.