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K+ Avenues TV: The Young Journalists of Avenues

In fall 2022, Avenues Shenzhen Kindergarten welcomed a special new group: the K+ class. Students in the K+ class have already completed the kindergarten grade, but are not yet old enough to begin primary education according to China’s regulations. Rather than making students re-do the kindergarten grade, Avenues created a special new learning experience for them. The 2022-23 school year has been one of expansion for our early childhood program in Shenzhen: in addition to our K+ students, we have welcomed 18-month-old students to the Small World program for toddlers.

The teachers designed exciting projects for the K+ class–also known as the “Tiger” class–to encourage students to explore, collaborate, and push past their learning boundaries. In fall, they began the “Little Journalism” project, becoming the youngest reporters on campus. The students interviewed their juniors in kindergarten about their dietary preferences, reported on the school’s meal service, and conveyed student opinions about the food to the school’s chefs. With the help of their teacher, the students produced a “Tiger News” video in which they presented their discoveries. In addition, they’ve performed plays and taken turns serving as student ambassadors, welcoming younger children at the school gate and expressing our school motto of “Welcome, Safety, Respect.”

In this special year of study, the Tiger class students have learned to manage their time better while improving their math and language skills. They’ve also begun the transition to primary education and have contributed to the Avenues community. We applaud the success of the Tiger class!