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Helpful Tips for Navigating the Independent School Admissions Process

Attend an event. Schools have thoughtfully designed events and experiences to allow your family to learn more about their school — including virtual options for those unable to physically visit a campus. Many of these events feature voices from the community, Q&A and deep-dives into specific areas of the school. Pick one (or several!) of these events to get a better understanding of each school’s offerings.

Talk to current families. If you have friends or colleagues whose children attend a school that you are considering, be sure to pick their brains. Are their children happy? What’s their favorite and least favorite aspect of the school? If they were doing it over again, would they still choose the same school? Our admissions officers are always happy to put you in touch with current parents.

The admission office is a great resource. Admission officers are here to help you navigate the independent school admissions process. Don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions about the school or the application process. We want this process to be exciting for you, not stressful.

Manage your time. An important part of a seamless application process is planning ahead. Submitting your initial application form sooner rather than later is a good idea. Then you can start planning the remainder of the application requirements, like student and parent statements and gathering school reports. Also, once you submit the initial form, you can schedule meetings and design challenges at times that are convenient for your family, since time slots tend to fill up.

Focus on fit. There are many wonderful independent schools in Silicon Valley, and each offers something different. Don’t let that overwhelm you, rather embrace that you have wonderful options. Learn about what makes each school unique and if their approach aligns with your educational values. Are the style of teaching and the curriculum going to inspire and engage your child? What does the school value, and will the community be a place where you and your child feel that they belong?

Our admissions team is here to help you. Please feel free to call 669.230.0310 or email admissions-sv@avenues.org with any questions.