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Three Ways Avenues Supports Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is at the core of the Avenues experience. We believe that students must feel supported in order to be able to develop the self-awareness, confidence, curiosity and empathy to thrive in collaborative, dynamic and innovative learning environments. Here we highlight three ways Avenues is there for its students and families:

  1. A Culture of Welcome

    Avenues is a global school and “welcome” is one of our core values. As we open our doors, and grow our global network of campuses, we work to make every individual feel at home and like they truly belong.

    Students new to the Primary Division (2 years old–5th grade) are welcomed with great care and intention. New families are given opportunities to meet their teachers and explore their classrooms before starting school. Adaptation periods are supported by a team of teachers highly attuned to the needs of young children. Throughout the year, the whole class begins their day together with morning meetings, which builds community and allows for each child to feel seen, acknowledged and heard by others.

    New students in the Secondary Division (6th–12th grade) are welcomed by a dynamic team of student ambassadors for a day-long orientation. Throughout the year, ambassadors and deans connect frequently through mentorship programs, checking in on how students are navigating life academically, socially and emotionally.

  2. Strong Home-School Partnerships

    At Avenues, faculty, staff and parents work as a team for the wellbeing of our students. Avenues has an open-door policy and encourages families to partner with their children’s teachers in all aspects of their education. We want parents to understand how their children are growing and how they can support and contextualize that growth at home.

    We also know that many of our families chose Avenues because they themselves are profoundly interested in progressive pedagogy and are eager to learn more about educational topics. With that in mind, we host weekly parent engagement events, including our OPEN.ed series, which brings together thought leaders for deep discussions of relevant topics.

    The Avenues Parent Association (APA) also serves to strengthen the partnership between the school and parent community. Besides working to support the school’s mission, the APA is committed to fostering a sense of school spirit while promoting an atmosphere of cooperation, inclusion, partnership and volunteerism in the community.

  3. Expert, Collaborative and Well-Supported Faculty

    As the proverb goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.” At Avenues, every adult plays a role in supporting students’ growth. Our educators are experts in their field and are as skilled at promoting holistic student wellbeing as they are academic growth. Avenues teachers are highly collaborative, and our faculty meets regularly to share ideas and resources that may support any student in their classes.

    The Student Success Team (SST), which includes an occupational therapist, speech therapist, and educational psychologists, provides expert, clinical support as needed for specific areas of development. The SST works closely with faculty, deans and parents to implement individualized, sustainable strategies that encourage student adaptability, growth and resilience.

Avenues São Paulo has quickly emerged as a highly connected and nurturing community that seeks to promote growth and development in all its students. We look forward to welcoming new students and families to our vibrant global community, and supporting each student on their own unique learning journey.