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Extended Learning Technology Instructor

Online (any location) | Avenues Online

Extended Learning Technology Instructor (Expansion Pass Program for Grades 2 - 5 and 6-12)

Location: Online

Avenues Online

Position: Technology Instructor for the Extended Learning Programs (Grades 2-12)

Compensation: Semester contract based on teaching load

Start Date: First week of September 2021


There is no place quite like Avenues. We are a network of campuses around the world that offers a truly global education in New York City, São Paulo, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, and expanding to the world’s leading cities in the next decades. Avenues Online is our everywhere campus. With these interconnected campuses, Avenues is uniquely positioned to develop world-wise leaders equipped to face and solve the future's complex global challenges.


The Expansion Pass (as part of the Extended Learning Program - also referred to as after school) enables students to gain a foundation in a variety of skills that they can then apply to personal, school, and professional projects. Classes are taught online, last one month, and are offered on a rotating basis throughout the semester. The Expansion Pass is open to grades 2-12. 


The Expansion Pass utilizes a core curriculum to ensure students’ digital literacy skills development. Classes focus on clarifying instruction, feedback, and students should demonstrate learning by creating and presenting small projects.

More specifically, as a Technology Instructor, you will…

  • Teach the basics of a number of tools and platforms online
  • Ensure students achieve key learning outcomes by adapting online instruction to address individual student needs
  • Refine and iterate the curriculum and add personal contributions as seen fit
  • Keep students engaged and excited by using group collaboration, knowing their interests, connecting learning to the real world, and encouraging them to share work regularly
  • Bring enthusiasm and energy to your lessons


This is an exciting opportunity for a Technology Instructor who wants a combination of support and geographic flexibility. You  should have most, if not all, of the following: 

  • Availability to teach during afternoon Eastern Standard Time (UTC -04)
  • Graduate degree or working to obtain a graduate degree in education, teaching or a related field 
  • General understanding of Mac and iOS
  • Familiarity with at least some of the following tools: Photoshop, Indesign, iMovie, Garageband, TinkerCad, Fusion360, Keynote, Scratch, Stop Motion Studio, Book Creator, Excel, Geographic Information System (GIS) Map
  • Teaching experience working with children in an online setting (with both groups and one-on-one)
  • Proficiency in English
  • Energized by Avenues’ mission and opportunity for impact in education


Please be sure to read about Avenues and consider if we are a good fit for you. Apply through the Careers section of the Avenues website at http://www.avenues.org/en/careers/. Please include your CV. Instead of the cover letter, please provide answers to the questions on the application page.


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