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Indexed Tuition

Avenues Online is proud to offer Indexed Tuition, a customized tuition rate based on each family’s financial ability to contribute to their educational expenses.

Rather than asking families to apply for financial assistance through a traditional  financial aid policy, tuition for each student at Avenues Online is determined by a family’s overall financial picture. This practice provides an opportunity for families to join our community from a wide range of economic backgrounds.

We encourage all families interested in an Avenues education to apply for admission. When considering how Avenues determines your family’s Indexed Tuition rate, please keep the following in mind:

  • Applying for Indexed Tuition has no impact on a student’s admissions decision at Avenues Online.
  • Avenues Online’s Indexed Tuition policy takes into account a family’s overall financial situation, including household income, assets and the number of children applying to or attending Avenues.
  • Conversations with families regarding tuition and household financial information are managed with confidentiality.
  • Families must apply for Indexed Tuition each year. The tuition rate only shifts when there is a material change in a family’s financial situation.

Our method of calculating a family’s Indexed Tuition rate is simple and transparent by design. You can use the calculator above to compute each child’s tuition based on your household’s overall financial situation and the number of children who will be attending Avenues.

If you would like information about how we calculate tuition, please contact our admissions team at admissions-on@avenues.org.

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