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Avenues Mastery Academy

Intensive project-based learning experiences for high school students in cities around the world

Part specialized boarding school, part maker space, the Avenues Mastery Academy is inspired by 15th-century Renaissance workshops: an academic apprentice-learning model in which students work side-by-side with master instructors in a state-of-the-art maker studio.

After a 2017 pilot program, the second iteration of Avenues Mastery Academy was held in Shenzhen, China in Spring 2019. Avenues is currently developing future Mastery Academies, each drawing on the conditions of a particular global city to provide students with an opportunity to pursue site-specific interdisciplinary projects with guidance from expert practitioners.


to a new school of thought

Avenues Mastery Academy offers high school students the chance to work alongside expert practitioners on a project that takes advantage of the conditions of a particular global city or location.


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