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Avenues’ social innovation program challenges students to undertake projects that tackle real-world problems, span multiple disciplines and equip them to be leaders and change-makers.

Students in grades 7–12 explore the field of social innovation with an interest-based, results-driven approach in classes, clubs and events.

We provide our teachers with content, curriculum, tools, training and project cases, supporting them as they engage their students’ imaginations.

We empower students to do real-world work that makes an impact, by connecting them with our community of Pro Partners.

What is a design challenge?

Build Your Own Business: Final Pitch

Design Challenge

Students in the D4i startup work with our Pro Partners to solve real-world problems. These sessions are entirely student run and foster design thinking and innovation.

Build Your Own Business (BYOB)

In this elective, student teams develop original, financially sustainable social impact ventures and pitch them to a panel of entrepreneurs and experts. The class incorporates theory and practice, conscious capitalism, design thinking and lean startup practices.

Design 4 Impact

D4i is Avenues’ student-run startup that aims to bring real-world problem solving to K-12 education. Students host events, run classes and design curricula. Students can participate through the Mastery program, by taking an elective or by attending the D4i club.

Avenues at SXSW

In 2016 and 2018, Design 4 Impact, our student-run startup that brings real-world problem solving to K-12 education, ran half-day summits at SXSW EDU, the nation’s largest education conference.

Community Design Incubator

In this seminar, 12th grade students are challenged to solve problems related to quality of life, access to resources and civic health. Students explore and follow the best practices of research ethics, community engagement and urban studies.



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