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Avenues Language Learning Intensive: FAQs

Avenues Language Learning Intensive (ALLI) is not your regular language course. As stated in its mission, Avenues: The World School seeks to graduate students that are at ease beyond their borders; truly fluent in a second language and architects of lives that transcend the ordinary.

If language shapes the way we think, ALLI allows students to master the English idiom, sharpen their metacognitive skills, expand their creativity and hone their empathy. As Charlemagne, the Roman emperor said, “to have a second language is to have a second soul.”

Led by experienced language educators specialized in socio-emotional and project-based learning, ALLI is a unique opportunity in the São Paulo education landscape.

ALLI welcomes exceptional students seeking to master English as their second language to become architects and problem-solvers for an increasingly global and innovation-driven future. Students will master English writing, speaking and reading competencies by working on interdisciplinary coursework that covers math, science, World Course, art and design.

We’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions from the past few months that interested families may find helpful:

What is the Avenues Language Learning Intensive (ALLI)?
ALLI was launched in January 2020 with 17 students in grades 6–8. Avenues' competitive bridge program is designed for students who are academically driven, critical thinkers and problem solvers who meet all criteria for admission but require additional support in English and/or exposure to student-centered learning to ensure classroom-readiness in a World School environment.

For one semester, a small, selective group of ALLI students are immersed in a rigorous project-based learning curriculum while advancing their English. At the end of the semester ALLI students, with continuing support, transition to Avenues’ mainstream classes.

What is the admissions process for the ALLI program?

Students who meet Avenues academic admissions criteria and are approaching English language reading, writing or verbal proficiency are candidates for this English-language intensive program. The Avenues admissions team will refer candidates to the program based on their admissions assessments.

How are students grouped together in ALLI?

Students in grades 6–8 are grouped together and are taught by a team of full-time faculty and language learning experts dedicated to student success.

Do ALLI students have classes with other Avenues students?

Yes, ALLI students take elective courses with students in the same or similar grades and are encouraged to participate in Avenues' after school clubs and athletics programs. Additionally, ALLI students have breaks and lunch with students who are not in the program and join in on different academic and community engagement projects.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Juliana Viola at juliana.viola@avenues.org or schedule a meeting with her here.

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