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Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for 2020–21

Grades Nursery–12

Avenues’ annual tuition is comprehensive and inclusive of:

  • Books and materials
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Athletic uniforms
  • All field trips
  • Transport to/from activities
  • Educational technology (e.g. iPads and MacBooks)

With the exception of optional supplementary program fees such as personal charges in the café or school store, after-school enrichment programs, summer camp, international programs and transportation to and from school, Avenues does not assess additional fees or seek contributions for initiation, athletics, building funds, capital funds or scholarships.



Small World Program

Annual tuition is comprehensive and inclusive of:

  • Materials
  • Snacks
  • Field trips

2 Days


3 Days


5 Days


Financial Aid

Avenues seeks to build a student body that reflects the diversity of each community it serves. As our mission states, we aim to be, “humble about [our] gifts and generous of spirit.” In addition to the work done by our students, staff and parents through Avenues community engagement initiatives, our financial assistance program is one more manifestation of that commitment. For the 2020-21 school year, Avenues provided nearly $13 million in aid to families who qualified for financial aid.

At Avenues New York, financial aid is available for grades kindergarten through 12th grade. We encourage you to consider Avenues even if you cannot afford the full cost of tuition, as financial aid may be available. Our team is committed to helping you navigate this process.

The primary responsibility for tuition rests with the family, and each family is expected to fully utilize its own resources before requesting financial aid. Avenues recognizes the uniqueness of each situation and tailors aid packages to meet the demonstrated needs of each qualified family.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • We realize that the cost of tuition is well beyond the financial reach of many families. For those who demonstrate financial need, Avenues offers a comprehensive program of financial aid.
  • Even if you think you don’t qualify for financial aid, please talk to us. We want to partner with you as you think through the options available to make an Avenues education a reality for your family.
  • Financial aid is not awarded as a merit-based scholarship. This means that your child’s academic performance does not affect your eligibility for financial aid. Awards are based solely on the family’s financial profile.
  • Avenues utilizes School and Student Services (SSS), a qualified, experienced third-party company, to provide analysis and guidance in determining a family’s contribution and potential award.

Please Note: Financial aid is not available for students in the Small World Program, Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten.

Fast Facts

Financial aid budget

$13 million

Percent of students receiving financial aid


Average award


Demonstrated need met


Helpful Documents for Parents

Financial Aid Application Deadlines

Returning Families

November 1

First Choice Round

November 23

Regular Notification

January 8

Frequently Asked Questions

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