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Open House: An Introduction to the Upper Division (Grades 6-12)

December 3, 2022

9:30 AM

New York



Parent Introductory Event (All Grades)

December 13, 2022

5:30 PM

New York



Virtual School Visit (Grades 6-8)

January 11, 2023

4:00 PM

New York



Inside Look: LGBTQIA Community at Avenues

January 18, 2023

5:00 PM

New York


The Deans Program

Personalized support and mentorship across the social and physical changes of adolescence

The deans at Avenues are full-time mentors whose sole responsibility is the social-emotional well- being and academic success of their students. Working closely with faculty and acting as a point of contact for parents, deans ensure that students are fully supported and appropriately challenged at school. In 6th grade, students are assigned a dean who will work with them through 9th grade.

High Intensity Practice

An innovative program to build essential thinking skills through persistent practice

Based on the idea that the best way to cultivate lifelong skills is to spend deliberate time practicing with expert guidance, Avenues developed the High-Intensity Practice (HIP) program in math and writing. In 20 minute bursts of creative and analytical freedom, students cultivate essential thinking skills—mental agility, empathy, creativity, and critical thinking— through persistent practice.

Athletics and Physical Education

Laying the foundation for lifelong physical and mental health

Wellness and Movement (WAM) is Avenues’ signature health and physical education program, spanning grades 1-11 and reflecting our mission statement commitment to graduate students who are “emotionally unafraid and physically fit.” In the middle grades, students pursue a range of sporting and fitness-related activities and have opportunities to participate in interscholastic athletics. Teams, offered from 7th grade, include basketball, cross country, fencing, soccer, tennis and volleyball. Avenues students enjoy access to the facilities at nearby Chelsea Piers, as well as our 20,000-square-foot gymnasium and fitness center.

Intensive Language Training

Consolidating the gains of language immersion with advanced instruction in Mandarin and Spanish

Students transitioning from our language immersion program continue to build cultural competence and linguistic proficiency in advanced classes that incorporate history, literature and social studies. Those entering Avenues in 6th grade are grouped according to proficiency and supported in introductory or intermediate classes.


An annual opportunity to learn hands-on skills and discover new interests

A highlight of the middle grades calendar, Minimester offers students the chance to discover new passions in weeklong special electives that dive deep into a particular subject, issue or profession. Courses change every year and have ranged from journalism to cookery, forensic science to wilderness survival.

Global Journeys

Life-changing international experiences developed and led by Avenues faculty

Immersion in another culture, language and society is the most direct way to cultivate global citizens who are at ease beyond their borders. Avenues’ international programs are designed to push students beyond their comfort zones, empowering them to develop the skills and perspectives necessary to understand and solve global-scale problems. In the middle grades, students may opt to take a Global Journeys program during the annual Minimester. Previous destinations have included China, Spain and South Africa.

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