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Douglas Ray

Director of Student Wellbeing and College Counseling, Shenzhen

Douglas Ray joined Avenues in 2022, bringing a wealth of experience in school leadership and education innovation. Previously, he served as principal and dean of academic affairs at Yungu High School in Hangzhou. In addition, Douglas has worked as a teacher, department chair and director of summer programs at independent boarding schools in the United States. He has also served as an educational consultant working with families and schools in Beijing and Shanghai. At Avenues Shenzhen, Douglas leads the wellbeing team for grades K–12, comprising deans, psychologists, learning specialists, language specialists and the Wellness and Movement (WAM) teachers. He also oversees the college counseling program for upper grades students.

Douglas graduated from the University of Mississippi, where he earned a BA in Classics and English and an MFA in creative writing. Douglas completed a Fellowship at the Teachers College at Columbia University and earned his Doctor of Education from Northeastern University.